Celebrating 1 year of The Uncle Walt Podcast!

It's been 1 year+ since the show began, and we're just getting started...


Here's a list of things young me wanted to be when I grew up.... Astronaut, Police Officer, Fireman, Lawyer, Podcaster... Wait... What?! Podcaster? Well OK no , that wasn't on the list of occupations 7 year old Kyle wanted to be when he grew up, in fact the term 'Podcaster' or 'Podcast' didn't even exist back then, and yet here I am happily podcasting away.

I can't believe it's been over a year now that I first hatched this crazy idea of The Uncle Walt Podcast! I didn't even know what a podcast was just before embarking on this incredible journey. I just happened to stumble upon the podcast app while messing around with my new Iphone and was instantly intrigued. "So you're telling me anybody can have a podcast?" I started listening to a number of popular podcasts and wanted one of my own.

There was one problem though, I had no idea where to start. It seemed liked such a huge undertaking, there was so much to do! There was production equipment, file hosting, web hosting, social media engagement and so much more, all of which I knew nothing about, and believe me when I tell you I was in way over my head. So I figured the best place to start was at the beginning.


I spent about 70 bucks building a studio in my garage out of 2x4's, plywood and foam. It was quick and it was cheap, but it worked. Then my wonderful wife who was supportive of my crazy idea from the get-go purchased, and surprised me with a fairly decent mic, not expensive, but not cheap either. It was perfect for what I was, a noob podcaster. Having spent basically most of my teens and all of my 20's as a working musician, I had been around microphones and recording equipment a lot, and I was fairly familiar with certain recording programs. It was something that I understood and was comfortable with, and having that base of knowledge helped calm me in the beginning.

So off I went, I started researching and writing the first few episodes and recording them in my little sweat box studio, at the time I was pleased with my results, but listening back to the earlier episodes now I almost cringe at the production quality. All of my experience was recording loud instruments, not spoken word, and it took me a few episodes to get my settings and template dialed in. It's OK you can say it, I know its not great, but we all have to start somewhere.


Everything was going well, I was recording episodes, had built a nice website, found file hosting with awesome statistics, I was gaining followers on social media and most importantly my download/play count was climbing every week... Then boom! Real life hit.

3 months in to The Uncle Walt Podcast my Wife and I decided to move out of the city we were residing in at the time. We both would be starting new jobs in our new city, we we're purchasing our first home and because of the conditions of my transfer, I had to stay behind for a month as my wife and children went ahead without me. The studio in my garage was disassembled and loaded on to the moving truck with the rest of our belongings and The Uncle Walt Podcast went dark.

Well, sure enough after we were settled in to our new home I decided to put the studio back together and keep working on this little hobby of mine. Fast forward 1 year+ and I'm still recording episodes in that little studio in my garage! And I love it.

I am so incredibly thankful for everyone who has listened to the show along the way. It's sounds cliche' but the podcast really is nothing without it's wonderful listeners. I mean seriously, you guys are the reason the show exists. I've mentioned it before but every play and every follow has been grown organically with no money spent on advertising or sponsored posts on social media. the Uncle Walt Podcast truly is a labor of love. We still have a long way to go in the story of Walt Disney and we hope you'll continue to join us! I'm looking forward to the next year of The Uncle Walt Podcast. I have a lot of ideas I'd like to implement and hopefully will be upgrading that little studio in the garage soon and I can't wait to share with you guys what is still to come on The Uncle Walt Podcast!