Episode 38 - New Opportunity

Walt always faced adversity while growing his studio in the 1920’s. Usually it was financial, sometimes it was creative, other times it was business related. For the first time however Walt started experiencing trouble with his staff. After moving his operation to the new Hyperion Blvd. location, many of Walt’s employees would notice a distinct change in his demeanor. This would lead to some unplanned departures at the studio. We’ll discuss all of this, plus Walt wraps up the most important project of his career thus far and looks ahead to the future of his studio, on this episode of The Uncle Walt Podcast.

1927 staff.jpg

Top row - Walker Harmon, Ub Iwerks, Lois Hardwick, Walt Disney and Rudy Ising.

Bottom row - Friz Freeling, Roy Disney and Hugh Harmon.