Episode 41 - A Hard Lesson Learned

Charles Mintz was stonewalling Walt Disney in the ongoing talks to renew their contract in early 1928, partly because he held all of the leverage in the negotiations, and partly because he knew he had an ace up his sleeve. Not only was Mintz stealing Walt Disney’s staff behind his back, but he was also stealing his character as well, as Walt Disney did not legally own the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. When Mintz used this fact to try and coerce Walt into relinquishing control of his studio, Walt stood firm and walked away, even though it meant starting from scratch all over again. Hear all this plus the story of possibly the most significant train ride in animation history, on this episode of The Uncle Walt Podcast.

CA limited.jpg

The California Limited in Los Angeles, CA. The limited would have been the route of Walt and Lillian’s second leg of their trip home from New York, running between Chicago and L.A.